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There is but one thing you need to know about before you start, and that is this. We like fish. We like fish so much, we host The CLO Chronicles, tails inspired by the infamous Clan McCLO, fishmongers and patent medicine tycoons.

We also host Sea Hare! Things that Other Person learned as she wandered through life.

Add in yet another site we host, music4women introducing women to women musicians who haven’t got airplay in the mainstream media, and the occasional ‘what was the number 1 song when you were born’ song, and the occasional ‘I bought me a new car’ song, and - of course - the occasional fish song.

For intellectual stimulation, and to upgrade our image, we host Timelines  (slideshow and text formats): If you’ve ever doubted that the medical times are a’changin’ for women, seeing the timeline might convince you that we are indeed in the midst of living history. The strides made in human knowledge in the last 100 years can be mind-blowing, even without the benefit of glaucoma medicine. Genital mutilation to ‘cure’ menopause?  Women have been and still  are truly guinea pigs for science.

The Menopause Timeline from 1200 B.C.E. is undoubtedly incomplete and will grow. Compiled for World Menopause Day (October 18) it tracks attitudes towards menopause and older women through the centuries.

The Reproductive Timeline from 300 B.C.E. to present day, includes reproduction, birth control, menopause, and various wackos. This grew out of the timeline I was doing for World Menopause Day that just kept growing.

And finally, for now, and for a bit of fun, we host an archived website of Meno XVI created as a celebration of 16 years for the menopaus mailing list.

So grab yourself some fish and enjoy what you might.

The CLO Chronicles
Sea Hare!
Meno XVI